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£10 For a Cup

£25 For a WASH Kit

Give a girl an education and keep her hygienic. Includes soap and a washing basin so she can boil her cup to ensure it's sterilised.

£100 Sewing Machine

Provide a sewing machine so women can start up their local reusable pad businesses and become financially independent 

£500 Sponsor a Whole Year Group

£1000 Build Toilet Cubicles

Ensure a school is safe for girls to manage their periods.

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Are you a business wanting to empower women around the world?

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By sponsoring PeriodLink you can make an ongoing or one time donation that can change lives, advocate for equality and help economic growth where it's needed the most. 

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Partners are our people on the ground. Tell us what you do and where you are in the world.


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Become a Sanitary Supplier


Do you make reusable menstrual items and wish to join us in the effort to stop period poverty around the world?

Get access to people on the ground through us, with PeriodLink.

Every thing counts. We need everyone's help. Period.






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