PeriodLink is a youth led non-profit organisation aiming to keep young women and  girls in education by tearing down taboos, providing sexual and menstrual health education as well as reusable menstrual items.

Our work is not affiliated with any religious or political organisation, we work in solidarity with our local partners on the ground to ensure we make the best impact possible!

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Our Mission:

We believe in the three I's - Introduce, Inform and Integrate


We strive to inform communities about menstrual health management and sexual education in order to tear down taboos and misconceptions - producing a generation of confident, healthy and informed young women.


And aim to introduce reusable menstrual items to girls in regions where absenteeism, as a result of menstruation, is a recurring issue.


Finally, we plan to integrate the reusable menstrual items into local communities and national frameworks so that it can reach more women in a wider area. 

Our Vision: 

One of a sustainable future where menstruation is normalised and gender disparity, based on a natural bodily process, is non-existent. Where women have access to sexual health education, and where women are, most importantly, proud to be women!